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środa, 08 lipca 2020 r. Imieniny: Arnolda, Edgara, Elżbiety
Thermo-modernisation of the building PFAC in Trzebnica – stage II started

Today, in the Poviat Governor’s Office, Poviat Governor Waldemar Wysocki and Vice-Poviat Governor Jerzy Trela representing Trzebnica Poviat signed a contract for the second stage of Thermo-modernisation of the Poviat Family Assistance Centre building in Trzebnica.

The general contractor is Zakład Ogólnobudowlany Henryk Grabowski from Bierutów.

The deadline for completion of the investment is December 2016.

The scope of Thermo-modernisation works includes insulation of external walls of the building, insulation of ground walls, insulation of vertical plumb of hot water pipes lines and installation of water-saving fittings, insulation of plumbs, installation of electric immersion water heater, cleaning of central heating system, installation of thermostatic and shut-off valves together with installation of wireless control system for thermostatic heads.

The task was carried out as a part of  the project „Thermo-modernisation of the public buildings of Trzebnica Poviat” under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014/

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