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Piątek, 21 lutego 2020 r. Imieniny: Eleonory, Lenki, Kiejstuta
Conference Summarizing the Project „Thermo-modernisation of the public buildings of Trzebnica Poviat”

On 30 December 2016  a conference summarizing the Project „Thermo-modernisation of the public buildings of Trzebnica Poviat” was held. Within this project there were carried out the works in  the buildings of the Poviat Family Assistance Centre in Trzebnica, Group of Poviat Special Needs Schools and Educational Institutions in Trzebnica and the Group of Poviat Schools in Oborniki Śląskie – at 18 Wrocławska Street.

During the conference there were discussed all the stages of the project, the scope of the tasks and above all there were summarized the benefits resulting from performed works and also the use of the external funds. The investment was co-financed from the Operational Programme PL04 “Saving energy and promoting renewable energy sources" from funds coming from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014”.

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